Scientists and Doctors Join Massive Lawsuit Claiming Biden Admin., Big Tech Violated Free Speech Rights Over COVID

Now, scientists and doctors have added their voices to the collusion suit against the Biden administration and the social media companies that allegedly did their dirty work. In a press release, the New Civil Liberties Alliance announced earlier this week that it was joining the suit on behalf of its clients

Back in May, my colleague Susie Moore reported on the Attorneys General for Louisiana and Missouri filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration for working hand in glove with Big Tech behemoths like Twitter, Meta (Facebook/Instagram), and YouTube to suppress the First Amendment rights of Americans.

As she wrote:

On Thursday, the states of Missouri and Louisiana filed suit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana against numerous Biden Administration officials and agencies alleging that they colluded with social media companies to suppress and censor free speech on several topics, including Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” and the Wuhan lab leak theory surrounding the origins of COVID-19.


Complete text linked here.

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