ROVE-STUPID: Only the Establishment Ever Thought Jeb 2016 Was a Good Idea

So Jeb is done. It was an easy call, as he was never even competitive.

And many inside the beltway are stunned. Karl Rove is no doubt stunned. Oh maybe not recently stunned – as it was widely believed that South Carolina would end it for Jeb most of this past week. But for many months prior, the establishment had assumed Jeb would eventually rise to the top. He was their inevitable one. All of this Trump and Cruz stuff was just a distraction until people got serious.

They were wrong….so so wrong. They were Rove-Wrong. And most of us knew it from day one.

These wizards are the followers of the conventional wisdom – and conventional wisdom is almost never right in politics. The conventional wisdom had Jeb winning the nomination much like Romney did four years ago. He had the money, the experience, the resume and the name. Oh, and it was his turn.

I did not ever think that however. I predicted that his campaign would be a non-starter – and that’s literally how it turned out. He never really even got started. He raised over a hundred mill, but never got out of the gate. His campaign is likely the poorest return on the donor dollar in all of political history.


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