Retired NFLer Burgess Owens Identifies Biggest Threats To Blacks (Video)

“This is what is happening – liberals at the top, elitists, they are using my race, they are bringing misery to my race and then using this misery to make sure they keep their power.”

“We’re having a fight…within the black community against Marxism and socialism,” said retired NFL safety Burgess Owens on Saturday’s Fox & Friends.

Owens told host Chris Wallace that leftist ideology is fomenting anti-Americanism as well as feelings of hopelessness within the black community. Protests against the flag, Owens continued, demonstrate a lack of respect:

We have a country that’s giving every American, black and white, the greatest opportunities in the history of mankind, including the millionaires who stayed on the sideline today. So understand, we’re at a fight; we’re having a fight, but it’s a fight within the black community against Marxism and socialism. That’s our fight.

You have young men who do not understand the gratitude [for being American] that they should have been taught. …

This is something that’s been going on for decades in our community – the hopelessness, the belief that this country’s not for them has been happening for a long time.


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