Reagan Biographer Praises Trump: We Are Witnessing ‘New Form of Conservatism’

In a Monday interview, acclaimed Reagan biographer Craig Shirley described GOP frontrunner Donald Trump as “a breath of fresh air” and explained that in Trump’s candidacy “We might be witnessing a new form of American conservatism emerging.”

Shirley, who heads the deeply-influential conservative public relations firm Shirley & Banister Public Affairs, explained that Trump’s honest campaign contrasts starkly with that of donor-class favorite Sen. Marco Rubio. Shirley argued that Rubio’s position on immigration—a position, which conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly described as “anti-American” and “dangerous”— may prove to be “a campaign ender” for the young Florida Senator.

Part of Trump’s appeal, Shirley explained, is that Trump, as a successful businessman, knows how the political game works—i.e. he knows how donors are essentially able to buy politicians and get them to them to champion their special interests. Shirley likened Trump’s sincere and populist campaign to Paul’s conversion in the Bible. “He’s on a road to Damascus,” Shirley said of Trump’s campaign to crush the donor-class influence in Washington. “He’s gone through a reformation just like Paul did. There’s something quite refreshing to the American voters, especially Republican primary voters, to somebody who’s willing to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness, and then become… a crusader for reform. I think that’s part of his appeal.”


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