Racial Communism

Seriously—the white dindus of Charlottesville might as well join BLM; they have the responsibility-deflection thing down pat. And the “hair” thing, too. When I saw the mug shot of cat-fancying, mom’s-apartment-dwelling Fields, I was struck by my immediate revulsion at his adorable little “fashy” haircut.

So many white “dindus.” Last week, in the wake of the car-ramming incident at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, hundreds of alt-rightists and white nationalists decided to drop the bravado and go all “dindu nuffin.” “Antifa started pickin’ on us and we wuzn’t even doin’ nuthin’.” It was an overnight personality shift that would have shocked Ebenezer Scrooge. Prior to fash-boy James Alex Fields’ “bowling for communists” moment, all I saw on social media was a torrent of fevered posts and comments from far-rightists gleefully anticipating the epic brawl that was about to go down. There was excitement in the air…the rally was going to be a battle royal between noble Viking warriors and thuggish Antifa goons. It was going to be legendary.

Then some moron in a Challenger had to go ruin it for everyone.


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