Putting a face on alien crime: Peggy Kandies

Kandies wasn’t alone for long as a knock soon came at the door, and the second tragedy with it. As she began to answer the door, in burst Frederico Reyes, a 30 year old Mexican national who lived next door to Kandies’ friend and was, in fact, the very neighbor he had just given a ride to. Not only did he live next door with his illegal alien family, the mobile home in which he lived was provided by his unscrupulous employer, a Chinese restaurant owner.

No matter how you slice it, illegal aliens are taking what they want. Apologists will offer up the tired old theory that aliens are just good, law abiding, hard working people who want a better life for their families. And then what? Well, then they take the better life, of course, sneaking across our borders or overstaying their visas while availing themselves of those things which should be the privilege of American citizens only.

But many aliens don’t stop there, taking other things they want once they get here. It might be a fraudulent identity. It might be property or possessions. It might be your wife, daughter, sister, mother or grandmother.

Now, pause for a moment and take a close look at the picture accompanying this article. The confident, smiling grandmother in the picture is Peggy Kandies and she has a story to tell. Hopefully, her story places a face on alien crime, a face you’ll never forget.


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