Petition: Remove the tributes to “Che” Guevara

That is why, from the International Foundation Bases, with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, we demand the municipal government of the city of Rosario, hometown of “Che”, to remove all monuments and honors towards this figure.

In 2017, one century after the Soviet communist revolution and 50 years after the death of Ernesto “Che” Guevara is completed. The murderous legacy of communism and this figure does not deserve state partisan-ideological court honors financed with the taxes of all citizens.

Gov’arism in Cuba has left 10,723 killed by the communist regime, 78,000 killed trying to escape the island, 14,000 killed in military operations abroad, 5,300 killed in the Escambray rebellion (mostly peasants and children), persecution of intellectuals, Homosexuals and dissidents, as well as 1,500,000 exiles who still await justice along with the bulk of 11,000,000 Cubans who remain on the island semi-unemployed, with poor health and living conditions, prostituting themselves to arrive at the end of the month and complete in the Black market the miserable official food rations. Worse still, the legacy of international communism praised by “Che”, admirer of genocides like Joseph Stalin, amounts to tens of millions of victims killed, tortured and imprisoned in forced labor camps.


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