Pelosi’s pro-amnesty Republican by Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo says lawmaker went from ‘patriot to open-borders panderer’.

This week Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado was one of only 20 Republicans to join Nancy Pelosi and 181 other House Democrats in supporting the amnesty amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Luckily, they failed.

The amnesty amendment removed from the NDAA – over Coffman’s objections – would have recommended the secretary of defense invite the young beneficiaries of Obama’s DACA “deferred action” amnesty be invited to join the US Army as a way to expedite their path to citizenship. Thus, we would compromise even further the standards for military enlistment that have already been eroded by the Obama administration.

Many are speculating that the real motive behind the Democrats’ amnesty amendment to the NDAA bill as to get Republicans to go on record as supporting the results of Obama’s 2012 unconstitutional DACA program – thereby undermining their court challenge to the Obama actions. Of course, that is unimportant to Coffman since he supports the Obama amnesty program.

Coffman’s May 14 NDAA amnesty vote marks a new low point in his downward slide from patriot to open-borders panderer. Betraying the integrity of our nation’s military enlistment standards is a 180-degree turn from his admirable record as a champion of military readiness and veterans’ rights.


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