Open Letter: Grooming Gang Survivor Accuses UK Government of Institutional Racism

Last year there were 91,345 anti-White hate crimes reported, compared to only 11,043 hate crimes against all other ethnicities. That means there were 8 times as many hate crimes against Whites as against anyone else.

Dear Home Secretary, Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, Government Equalities Office, and Home Affairs Committee,

Please accept this letter as a formal grievance.

I am a grooming gang survivor and a Christian. I represent people who have experienced anti-White hate crime, ‘anti-Lack of belief’ hate crime, or a combination of both.

My reason for writing is to again ask that the Home Office and the Government act to ensure that all Ministers of the Crown and public authorities act to carry out their public sector equality duty under Equality Act 2010 (149), to “have due regard to the need to achieve the objective to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation,” of grooming gang victims, on grounds of our race and religion. This is essential if you are to “foster good relations between persons who share our relevant protected characteristics and persons who do not share them”.


Complete text linked here.

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