Officials Announce 510 Arrests in Statewide Human Trafficking Crackdown (Video)

Last year, there were 200 human trafficking cases filed by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, and some resulted in life sentences for traffickers. “That would not have happened five years ago,” Lacey said.

Officials announced the results of a three-day statewide crackdown on human trafficking crimes and rescue of victims on Tuesday, saying the most recent sting netted 510 arrests.

A total of 56 trafficking victims were also rescued in the operation, which took place last week and was led by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with the cooperations of 85 other federal, state and local agencies.

The results of the fourth-annual series of raids known as “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” — which refers to the goal of helping victims of the sex industry to reclaim and rebuild their lives — were presented by L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell during a news conference at the sheriff’s headquarters in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday.

McDonnell described the sting as a “three-day assault on one of the most heinous crimes of modern times: the sexual exploitation of another human being for profit.”


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