Obama & Brown Guilty of Shielding Alleged Illegal Alien Cop Killer

On Friday, Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte–an illegal alien criminal–allegedly shot and killed two sheriff’s deputies in the Northern California counties of Sacramento and Placer. He also allegedly shot another man in the head for resisting a car-jacking.

Monroy-Bracamonte had been deported twice before using a false identity.

Authorities had plenty of opportunities to remove Monroy-Bracamonte long before he decided to wake up one October morning in 2014 and allegedly murder a cop with a so-called “assault weapon.”

Monroy-Bracamonte apparently showed no regard for human life, and should face the death penalty for destroying so many families.

But what do we do with the politicians who were his accomplices before the fact in this terrible crime?

Under Jerry Brown and a supermajority of illegal alien enablers, whose welcome-mat policies have encouraged more illegals come to California than any other state, should be held responsible. President Obama has been no better: by executive order, he has effectively nullified all enforcement of immigration laws in the United States.


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