New Media Victory: MSM Seriously Investigating ‘Clinton Cash’ Allegations

It’s looking like if Team Clinton thinks that the media will simply dismiss Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash as instructed, they might be disappointed.

As the allegations from Peter Schweizer’s blockbuster new book Clinton Cash spread through the media, Clinton flacks are spinning the charges as “old news” — but many in the media aren’t playing along with the official line.

Clinton operatives are trying to tear down the book before its release. Top Clinton operative John Podesta came out of the gate early to denounce the book with a Monday interview on The Charlie Rose Show.

But not everyone is toeing the Clinton line. In its first article introducing readers to the soon-to-be-released Clinton Cash, The New York Times took a serious tone on the allegations contained in the book. As former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs pointed out, while the paper of record wasn’t glowing about Schweizer, “it certainly wasn’t disparaging of the author,” Gibbs said.

The Huffington Post also hastened to point out that Schweizer’s book isn’t a work to be easily dismissed. They found the author’s history to be notable and not one of a simple right-wing partisan: “Schweizer’s material has been solid enough to earn him partnerships with mainstream news outlets.”


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