More Than 200 Charged in One Day over Cologne Sex Attacks

The number of criminal charges made by police in the wake of the Cologne sex attacks increased dramatically in just one day yesterday.

On Friday, police had made 170 charges for the attacks in which women were sexually assaulted by migrant gangs on New Year’s Eve. By the end of Saturday, however, that number had rocketed to 379, thanks mainly to Cologne police increasing the number of personnel investigating the crimes.

The sudden rise will inevitably lead to questions as to why the city’s police force could not increase personnel sooner, especially after an attack of such a scale.

German paper Die Welt am Sontag says the increase in staff working on the case enabled Cologne authorities to deal with police in other German cities to apprehend the suspects. With many of the migrants involved in the attacks believed to have been simply passing through the city at the time, it has proved difficult to track them down.

Police have been focussing mainly on men of North African origin after the attacks on New Year’s Eve, which were only picked up by the world’s media after Breitbart London reported the testimony of the first victim to speak out.


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