Mel Gibson, Hungary, and the Sense of Normal

So, we welcome Mel Gibson to Hungary: neither him, nor our country can be destroyed by the woke elites. But they’re trying hard and we can be fairly sure that they won’t give up anytime soon.

Good news for Budapest, the new safe haven for Western conservatives: Mel Gibson came to town. Around the end of November, locals were happy to see the famous actor around the city. Everybody knows Mel Gibson, and Hungary is no exception. The movie star was in Hungary’s capital to film the John Wick prequel series, The Continental.

When browsing the U.S. press for recent articles about him, though, I bumped into some very intriguing headlines. “How Does Mel Gibson Still Have a Career?,” Variety asked. “Mel Gibson Is Living Proof That ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Mostly Bullshit,” the Daily Beast concluded.

The militants of cancel culture are always shocked when their methods don’t work. Over the years, so much effort has been wasted on trying to cancel Mel Gibson, but to their horror, people still like him. How dare they?

The thing is, normal people around the globe like good actors and good movies. And by “good” I don’t mean woke, but something that you can actually enjoy. There were times when the main purpose of movies and series was not indoctrination. Now if you watch any random new series or movie on the streaming platforms, you realize that everything is secondary when compared to the big ideological message. And it’s not much fun, really.


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