Meet the woman who’s ‘true north’ for conservatives (Video)

Bozell: Without her, ‘the war would be over and we would have lost’

Phyllis Schlafly is such an important figure to the conservative movement in America that without her, “the war would be over and we would have lost,” says Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center.

Absent the leadership of the woman credited with nearly single-handedly stopping the feminists’ agenda in the Equal Rights Amendment, Bozell said, “My guess is the entire thing would have collapsed 30 years ago.”

Schlafly turned 90 in August and still is actively fighting for her beliefs. She still gives public speeches, and her latest book, “Who Killed the American Family,” was released Sept. 23.

He noted that Schlafly was “despised by the left when she emerged in the 1960s.”

And he said the media “gave aid and comfort to that by projecting her as a threat to modern civilization.”

“To my thinking,” he explained, “there are two Phyllis Schlaflys. One Phyllis Schlafly is the one who’s known publicly as the woman who single-handedly derailed and defeated the entire left in the ERA battle.


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