Massive Cartel Human Smuggling Ring Busted in Texas

A 2-year investigation has resulted in the indictments of 29 people and 86 criminal charges relating to a cartel connected-human smuggling operation in South Texas.

The investigation which began in Atascosa County, Texas, tied in a suspected human smuggling operation that stretched from the border to as far as San Antonio and Houston. Atascosa County, located around the town of Pleasanton about 40 miles south of San Antonio, became the focal point of the investigation as authorities uncovered a stash house where up to 250 illegal immigrants per month were being smuggled, information provided to Breitbart Texas by Atascosa County District Attorney Gene Peña revealed.

“What we have today is the result of a two-year investigation that has now resulted in the indictments of 29 individuals,” Peña told Breitbart Texas in a telephone interview on Friday. “Eighty-six charges have been filed against these people. Additionally, during the arrest process four additional people have been arrested and charged with participating in an organized criminal activity.”

Peña said they are still holding some information close as there are some suspects still at large. “We hope to catch them quickly,” he explained. “The scope of our investigation was in Atascosa County and our neighboring Wilson County. The smuggling lines stretched as far as Harris and Bexar Counties.”


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