Marxist infiltration in America ‘virtually complete’

Author believes nation facing ‘last chance’ to remain free.

“Anti-fascism” is all the rage (literally) in America today. Some media outlets excused the violent actions of the “Antifa,” or “anti-fascists” in Charlottesville, Virginia, because they opposed white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

But what power do the white supremacists have to bring “fascism” to America when they are a small, fringe, nearly universally reviled group of people? That is what puzzles Charles Sasser, a longtime historian, journalist, photographer and author.

“These people have very little financial support from anybody,” Sasser said in an interview this week on “Stand for Truth Radio” with Susan Knowles. “They’re such small numbers. They may be reprehensible, but they don’t really pose a threat to our society.

“The left is the one that’s been doing all the rioting, tearing up college campuses, etcetera. Those people are well supported. I mean, they’re financed. But these people – KKK, white supremacists – they’re never going to be a threat to this country.”


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