Latinos Revolt Against Illegal Aliens: “They Don’t Want To Be Americans”

Norman: “Latin America is a broken system. Why? Because it’s the same system that Obama is running to, it’s not what you can do for your country it’s what your country can give me. So you know what happens in Latin America every government system runs on that platform: ‘We’re going to give you this, you’re going to get this for free, and you’re going to get that.’ […] The masses flock behind these fake leaders, and that’s what the Democratic Party is running to, they learned that from Latin America. And that’s why they need more Latinos here because they follow that [model].”

“I have a problem with illegal immigrants because they are taking food off of our table… when they can work for half the price… They are basically hurting everybody.”

“Telemundo demonizes whites […] They send a very ugly message to Latinos, making them feel like they’re entitled [to be here], and that, [they] don’t have to learn the language.”

“Most Latinos, the new people, the newcomers, don’t feel American. And I don’t see any interest [from them] to become American.”

Who said this? Laura Ingraham? Steve King? Sarah Palin? Nope. These were the words of legal Hispanic immigrants revolting against the bipartisan push for immigration amnesty. Immediately following an interview in which amnesty activist Matt Barreto told Ingraham that conservatives are damaging the GOP brand by adopting “xenophobic” and “anti-immigrant” messaging on immigration, Ingraham received calls from Hispanic immigrants– outraged by the left’s plan to assault their wages with cheap foreign workers, who have no interest in assimilating into American culture. They also criticized Telemundo and Univision for “demonizing whites” and sending “an ugly message” of entitlement to the illegal community. One even went so far as to complain that Obama is turning America into the third world country from which the caller fled.


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