Journalists Seek a Way to Stop White House Censorship of ‘Pool’ Reports

Accusations by the press about delayed or changed reports include stories about Obama behind the scenes on “The Tonight Show,” a fainting intern, details about first lady Michelle Obama’s workout routine and a joke told by Obama on a reporter’s birthday that involved “the number 270.”

White House reporters are testing a system to circumvent White House involvement in the distribution of press “pool” reports.

As The Daily Signal previously reported, Obama administration officials have come under fire recently from journalists who accuse them of delaying and altering the reports.

The press “pool” is a system in which reporters share information with their colleagues. A limited number of reporters actually attend events with President Obama, so a designated journalist files a report from which others can draw information. The White House ultimately is responsible for distributing the report to a “pool” of about 8,000 recipients.

But now, the Washington Post reports that journalists have begun to use Google Groups, a platform that allows users to share information with members of a selected, closed group.

According to the Post, the system was tested during Obama’s recent trip to Chicago.


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