Joe Rogan: Big Data’s Censorship Increases Risk Of Civil War (Video)

Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein Agree

Political censorship from technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and other internet-based technology companies increases the likelihood of political polarization and politically-motivated criminal violence, said professors Bret Weinstein and Jordan Peterson during a Friday-published appearance on Joe Rogan’s eponymous show.

Rogan offered his iteration of the phrase “sunlight is the best disinfectant” in defense of free speech, expression, and debate. Censorship — formal and informal — prohibits open dismantling of immoral and destructive ideas:

The importance of having uncensored discussions [is that] when you have forbidden discussions, you energize those topics, and the topics grow in the absence of discussion; in the absence of being picked apart and analyzing for what their core components are.

“Open communication and debate [and] analyzing all the components of [an] issue completely objectively” is the best solution to combating immoral and destructive ideas, said Rogan.


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