Jan Brewer: ‘Orchestrated’ Anti-Trump Protesters Have ‘Allegiance’ to Mexico (Audio)

“What day are we going on now, seven? And they’re still out there protesting. And obviously, I have even recognized a couple of people and the signs are the same signs that we’ve seen all seven days, practically. They obviously don’t have jobs, right? So what better things do they have to do? So they’re just out there marching away. And these kids that are leaving school. If I was the principal of that school, I’d lay down the law. This is outrageous. It’s just out of control.”

Tuesday on KTAR News 92.3 FM Arizona radio, when discussing the protests over the victory of President-elect Donald Trump, former Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) said, “When they’re flying the Mexican flag, obviously their allegiance isn’t to the United States, it was to Mexico.”

Brewer said, “I think the majority of them are very orchestrated. I mean it’s very organized in my opinion. I think It’s just awful, just awful.”

She continued, “They’re not very sympathetic when they’re flying the Mexican flag. Obviously their allegiance isn’t to the United States, it was to Mexico. They’re not entitled to behave like that, I don’t believe. You know, people protest, it’s fine. A lot of them aren’t legal citizens and some of them are and they didn’t even vote and now they’re outraged. They could at least give him a chance.”

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