‘If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Shoot ‘Em’: Gutfeld Blasts ‘Gun-Free Zones’ (Video)

Gutfeld added that a massacre’s duration is dictated by the time it takes for bullets to start flying in the opposite direction.

On “The Five” tonight, Greg Gutfeld slammed the notion of “gun-free zones.”

“Somali terrorists have threatened America’s biggest mall – a threat that reveals an obvious truth,” Gutfeld stated. “That the phrase ‘gun-free zone’ is liberal for ‘sitting duck.'”

He said that “gun-free” is music to the ears of bad guys, who intentionally target the unarmed.

Gutfeld pointed out that the “soldier readiness processing center” at Ft. Hood was gun-free at the time of the attack, and the shooting only ended when Nidal Hissan himself was shot.


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