Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon – The Case Against Celebrity

Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon – The Case Against Celebrity is the title of a book and website authored by Mark Ebner, with co-author Andrew Breitbart. The book was published in 2004 by John Wiley and Sons. The writing focuses primarily on what Ebner sees as the disconnected, self-indulgent nature of Hollywood culture. The book was on the New York Times Best Seller list, and was also a Los Angeles Times bestseller.


Hollywood, Interrupted takes a look at the culture of celebrity, discussing the mannerisms of celebrities such as Barbra Streisand, Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr., Eddie Murphy and Angelina Jolie. The work discusses some of the more scandalous of these and other celebrities, as well as their effects on society. Ebner writes about a woman who was employed by AOL, used their database to acquire private information about Hollywood celebrities, and then utilized this illicit information to later create a career for herself in the entertainment industry. Trey Parker, one of the creators of South Park, is interviewed in the work, and was quoted commenting on the vices of individuals in the entertainment industry, such as prostitution and drug addiction.

Part of the book is devoted to Crossroads School, a private high school in Santa Monica, California whose students largely come from families involved in the entertainment industry, and various scandals associated with the teenagers who attend that school.

The book also includes an analysis of the Church of Scientology and its effects on the culture in Hollywood, and has a chapter on Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s relationship to Scientology.


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