Glenn Beck inks deal to become movie star (Video)

Media giant teams with famous leftist to act in horror film.

Glenn Beck is already a giant in the world of media, experiencing massive success as a television and radio host, as well as being a bestselling author.

Now, he’s about to add film actor to his bucket list, and he won’t be portraying himself on the silver screen.

Beck, who is a darling of the tea-party movement and many on the political right, will actually team up with MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, a noted leftist, as they play “the ultimate cop/buddy team” in a horror film titled “Director’s Cut.”

The driving force behind the project is Penn Jillette, the well-known magician, author, comedian, actor and outspoken atheist.

“I’m friends with Glenn Beck. I’m friends with Lawrence O’Donnell,” says Jillette on his website promoting the movie, which is being financed by public donations. “I don’t believe anyone else in the world can claim both of these things. And I disagree with both of them, almost as much as they disagree with each other.”


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