Will the geography of the primaries sink Newt Gingrich in February?

The quote “geography is destiny” is attributed to Napoleon. The emperor was, of course, referring to the fate of nations but he could just have easily been referring to American presidential politics.

While the rise of cable news and social media has to some extent nationalized our politics, geography still matters.

The early GOP primaries have confirmed this fact and geography have favored Newt Gingrich, so far. His good fortune is likely to run out in February.

The Republican National Committee divided its early presidential contests by region. Iowa went first, putatively representing the Midwest.

Next was New Hampshire for the Northeast.

South Carolina followed, representing the South. Nevada had been promised the fourth early slot for the West.

But Florida had other plans and scheduled its primary on January 31, thereby jumping in front of Nevada’s February 4 caucus.


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