Freedom Rally To Be Held In Berkeley, California

Pro-Trump rally organizer Rich Black will apparently be hosting a Freedom Rally in Berkeley, California, inspired by #BasedStickman.


#BasedStickman, of course, is the commie-crushing all-American hero who made headlines after protecting pro-Trump rallygoers on March 4 when counter-protesters got violent against them.

#BasedStickman was ultimately arrested for his good deeds. Deplorables responded by fundraising to cover his legal fees.

Now they’re apparently banding together – led by Rich Black – to march in honor of the #BasedStickman.

“BASEDSTICKMAN UP AND ATTEND THE FREEDOM RALLY IN BERKELEY,” reads the fundraiser’s caption for the event.

The page’s description reads, “this movement is grassroots and funded by you, the people. Join your fellow patriots in victory when we go back to express our rights and our love for our President. Donald Trump said we would Make America Great Again, and that includes Berkeley.”

It continues, “what you saw on March 4th were ordinary citizens demanding their voices be heard. We are pleased to announce a partnership with WeSearchr to make this happen.”


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