Frank Stallone on What It’s Like to Hang Out with Donald Trump

The musician talks to LifeZette about his career, his passion for life — and the late-night host who is a ‘disgrace’

Frank Stallone is “living the dream” at 67 years old. The man behind the Golden Globe-nominated song “Far from Over” is still putting his heart and soul into his music, performing live shows regularly and “plucking away” at instruments lying around his California home.

It must be something in the genes: Frank Stallone’s brother, Sylvester, is still starring in action movies at 71 years old, and their mother, at age 96, is still driving, working out, and learning social media platforms like Instagram.

“How many guys can sit back and say after 52 years, they’re out there, still playing and doing well?” Stallone told LifeZette in a telephone interview. “You’re still learning as you go along.”

Age has certainly not slowed down his passion. “I haven’t lost that desire,” he said about the creative process — and added with a laugh, “I just don’t like carrying my own equipment anymore.”


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