Founder of the Weather Channel explains the global warming hoax (Video)

No, he’s not a lobbyist for oil companies, he is John Coleman, an award-winning meteorologist and weatherman with sixty years of experience and founder of the Weather Channel, made a YouTube video about the history of the global warming movement.

Coleman explains that in many scientific communities “the politics had gotten in the way of the science.”

From TPNN:

Now they call it “climate change” instead of global warming, because the warming has stopped, says Coleman, and that $4.7 billion in taxpayer money is funding “bogus reports” and “bogus research.”

Coleman explains that any warming or “climate change” is extremely negligible from a long-term perspective and certainly nothing unusual or alarming, and points out that Antarctic sea ice is close to an all-time high, and the polar bear population is as high as it’s been in recorded history.


Complete text linked here.

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