Favoring Multiculturalism Over American Culture by Frosty Wooldridge

A country that loses its identity suffers the same kind of disintegration as a child who loses its family. As proven around the world today with examples in Great Britain, France, Holland, Palestine and Sweden—multiculturalism fails at every level of human interaction. It proves, ultimately, one of the greatest dangers to humanity.

Ultimate breakdown of America: pretending another country’s culture stands superior to our own.

I question stickers that say, “Celebrate multiculturalism” and “I love diversity” as the new fad in America. Middle Eastern culture does not equate with American culture. India’s culture runs counter to American culture. Somalia’s culture clashes with our culture.

“This is our culture – fight for it. This is our flag – pick it up. This is our country – take it back.” –Former presidential candidate Tom Tancredo

Within the next 38 years, we expect to add 100 million immigrants from various cultures around the world. We, as a nation, stand on the precipice of our own cultural disintegration. Our culture stands in the crosshairs of clashing civilizations via importation of millions of immigrants from incompatible cultures.

In Denver, Colorado, last October, immigrants wanted Halloween celebrations taken out of the school systems. Peter Boyles, talk jock of KHOW 630 AM said, “Next they will demand Thanksgiving be taken away from us.”

Americans like Boyles do the job Congress refuses to do! Diversity proves a great divide that dissolves American culture.

Why do we allow multiculturalism to trump 236 years of successful U.S. culture?


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