Even Massive Influx in Immigrants Can’t Offset Exodus from Blue Cities

Major Democratic-dominated cities need to import yet more immigrant residents to replace the Americans fleeing from those cities’ crowded, crime-prone and expensive districts, according to a Bloomberg article.

The government imports 1 million new legal immigrants per year, even as 4 million young Americans turn 18, but according to Bloomberg:

Immigration to the U.S. has failed to make up for the number of residents leaving New York, Los Angeles and Chicago — the nation’s top three metropolitan areas.

Chicago — beset by crime, economic and budgetary woes and high taxes — is the net exodus leader among 100 metro areas tracked by Bloomberg using Census Bureau data for the year through July 1, 2016. An average 245 local residents left the Windy City each day compared with the arrival of 71 foreigners. Census doesn’t inquire about a person’s citizenship status…

For the nation’s third most-populous metropolitan area, foreign immigration “is the only offset we’ve got and it would be tragic to lose,” said Diane Swonk, chief executive and founder of DS Economics in Chicago.


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