Double Disaster (Video)

By now you’re familiar with the sights of devastation from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. What you may not know is just how bad things were for the U.S. territory before the storm hit. It’s a story of corruption and waste and—Puerto Rican officials say—a lesson for all of us.

Alberto Martinez was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He recorded these pictures after Hurricane Maria.

Alberto Martinez: Puerto Rico was already suffering a financial crisis, now it’s been wrecked by Hurricane Maria.

Martinez also showed us around Puerto Rico over the summer before Hurricane Maria. For all intents and purposes, already bankrupt.

Alberto Martinez: This is the Ponce de Leon Avenue on Santurce. My school is on this avenue…

A college professor, Martinez is planning to include Puerto Rico’s example in a course at the University of Texas on money and corruption.

Alberto Martinez: Now it’s just a bunch of shut down storefronts with graffiti.

He blames more than a decade of poor tax and business policies, and big banks that convinced politicians to borrow like there was no tomorrow.


Complete text and video linked here.

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