DML Op-Ed: Facebook operating a massive bait and switch game

Putting it all together, it is clear to see the strategy. They charged us to get people to LIKE our page only to hide our content from the people we paid to attract. And now, in what feels like a ransom offering, they want us to pay $800 per post to reach 1/3 of our LIKES. If this is not a bait and switch deal, I don’t know what is.

Facebook has lined their pockets by offering publishers the opportunity to buy ads that help build Facebook communities. A publisher such as DML News puts out an ad on Facebook to target users in the hope they will LIKE our page, thus, making it so the person receives our content in its newsfeed.

DML News has spent more than $100k over a two-year period to target like-minded conservatives.

Unfortunately, the ads have limited success. The best way to build real LIKES is to create viral videos and to have a consistent and busy publishing schedule.

Over the course of time, Facebook has screwed with the publisher’s ability to reach the audience they’ve built up over time. Here is an example: For the past two years, DML News has consistently posted original content. On average, we have 40 unique posts per day. For a very long time, our posts to Facebook would result in 1,000 people landing on our website at any given moment during the day. But they’ve changed things at Facebook so drastically that today, the number is more like 150.

Facebook has literally stripped us of our reach. We may have 1.1M LIKES, but our posts reach just a few thousand people. Notice the photo below, a post that would once reach 100k people, now reach a mere 6k out of the 1.1M who have LIKED our page.


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