David Yeagley: Can America stand divided?

America is going down, and has been for some time, really since the ‘60’s. We’re at the point of no return, it seems. Republicans have made no special difference. The Tea Party is the one spark of hope, but it remains to be seen if it can make a difference in a national election.

Over the last several years, multiculturalism has gone from being a sociological concept to functioning as the American mainstream.

What impact has this had on our country as a whole?

Academics and politicians might say one thing before the cameras, but the fact that a new set of dilemmas are being ushered in cannot go ignored. From language barriers to ethnic as well as religious conflicts, this country appears to be facing a serious lack of social unity.

Nothing highlights these problems more than the presidential campaign. President Obama is in a close, and increasingly bitter race with Mitt Romney. A great many on both ends of the political spectrum think that this election will be among the most important in American history.

What are David Yeagley’s opinions about all this?


Cotto: Multiculturalism is spreading across the United States at light speed. This has led to not only language barriers, but considerable religious, ethnic, and racial tensions. Nonetheless, many do believe that, in the long run, the aforementioned problems will fade into the history books. Do you share this opinion?

Dr. Yeagley: No. Multiculturalism is globalism, and obviously imperialism. That always spelled mass oppression and tyranny. It is always worse than anything it presumes to replace.

Evolution produced nationality. Even the Bible itself recognizes nationality, and attributes it directly to the Creator Himself. Either position declares that man is self-destructive to go against nature, or nature’s God.


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