Cowboy Conclusions by Charlie Daniels

“And to face these threats we need people in Congress with guts enough to take the heat from the media who will scream bloody murder when some of the drastic, but necessary, steps are taken.” – Charlie Daniels

I know that I am not privy to the intelligence and other strategic information that comes across a president’s desk every day and know that the decisions they make have to be predicated on the current and ongoing data supplied by the myriad of agencies that glean and comb through the domestic and international happenings on a 24/7 basis, and therefore I am not qualified to evaluate and decide how to deal with it with only tip of the iceberg information.

However, I am an American citizen who pays taxes and has observed the American scene through numerous presidential administrations, several wars, and the newest and most deadly monster of Radical Islamic Terrorism, and have some strong opinions based on what I call cowboy logic.

Cowboy logic is simple and based on three principles:
1. 2 + 2 is always 4
2. Water never runs uphill
3. If there’s smoke, there’s a fire somewhere.

And here goes,

I think our political bodies, for the most part, are made up of men and women who operate not by what they know in their hearts to be the best thing for America, and the reality and necessity of the situation, but the perception they are able to generate that will assure them and their party re-election.


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