Counting My Blessings – Ben Stein’s Diary

Lots of golf. Lots of hanging out with billionaires. Lots of ultra-expensive trips for Michelle and the lovely daughters. But a nonstop tour to plead with gangs to put away the Glock? Did you ever even consider that?


Tuesday night I made the huge mistake of watching Mr. Obama’s State of the Union address. He said that except for gun violence here at home, everything is great.

The man is thoroughly delusional. Really?

At least 80 percent of the black eighth graders in Chicago cannot read. Same with math. Black gang members are killing each other and their neighbors at the rate of at least (at the very least) 100 per week. Mr. Obama, sir, that’s where the gun violence is coming from in majority measure. Why, Mr. Obama, do you NEVER mention gang violence? Why do you never mention the collapse of the black family? Why do you never mention the disaster of young black men killing each other over a few words shouted from a passing car?

Why do you never mention that blacks commit roughly 40 percent of felony crimes in the U.S. for which prison is required and are only 13 per cent of the population?

You are a black man. The nation looked to you as an example of black success and hoped you would be mentor to the black population. You are missing in action.


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