Clinton’s Spanish Language Website—Inciting Communal Hatred, Offering To Abolish America (Video)

Only by reading translations of this will Americans know what Clinton is planning. Her English page is simply dishonest.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine was just celebrated by the Main Stream Media for giving a campaign speech entirely in Spanish—the first (but probably not the last) time a member of a presidential ticket has done so. This is just more evidence of the linguistic balkanization that mass immigration is imposing on America. (Note also that Leftists don’t care about the “separation of church and state” if religious leaders are helping them).

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump, to his great credit, is running an English-only campaign—which means no ads in Spanish and no website en español.

But Hillary of course is not, and the Spanish section of her website is quite telling what she wants to emphasize to Spanish-speaking voters about her immigration policies.

When you enter the Spanish section, there is a video featuring Mexican-U.S. dual citizen actress Salma Hayek. It’s entitled Podemos demostrar que somos una comunidad ponderos—“We can demonstrate that we are a powerful community.”


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