Churches Bombed In Protests Over Pope’s Upcoming Chile Trip

Perpetrators left another message on the wall of the church of Christ the Poor, where police defused the fourth explosive device, condemning Francis’ travel expenses while the “poor are dying.”

Terrorists bombed three Catholic churches in Chile Thursday night and attempted to decimate a fourth, leaving a direct threat against Pope Francis ahead of his Monday visit.

The unknown perpetrators attempted attacks on four Catholic churches with various kinds of improvised explosive devices, one of which was successfully defused, in what authorities believe to be a protest against Francis’ visit to Chile, according to Crux Now. Authorities have yet to identify the terrorists and are not sure whether one group or several are responsible for the bombings, though at least one group left threatening pamphlets bearing the message “Pope Francis, the next bombs will be in your cassock.”

“We will never submit to the dominion you want to exercise over our bodies, our ideas and actions, because we were born free to chose the path we want to take. Against every religious man and woman and against every preacher,” read the pamphlets, which the perpetrators allegedly left at the Church of Saint Isabel of Hungary.


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