Chicago Teachers Union Prez, Who Rails Against ‘The Rich,’ Owns Three Homes — Including One In Hawaii (Video)

Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis is known for being a socialist who rails against the rich. Lewis joined the “occupy” movement when it was in full bloom.

Now she’s running for mayor against Rahm Emanuel, and leads according to a poll.

The Chicago Sun-Times is already having some fun reporting on what is sure to be one of the most ridiculous races in America.

She has ripped Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a tool of corporate Chicago, labeled him “Mayor 1%” and described herself as “not egotistical or rich.”

Lewis isn’t as wealthy as Emanuel, a multimillionaire who made his fortune during a short stint as an investment banker. But she makes more than $200,000 a year and has an ownership interest in three homes, records show.

That includes vacation homes in Hawaii and in the upscale “Harbor Country” area of southwestern Michigan, where Emanuel has a second home, property records show.


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