Changing Our Country Into Several Countries by Frosty Wooldridge

Last week, in southern California, now known as Mexifornia by Victor Davis Hanson, one writer Priscilla said, “‘We are creating a polyglot society where we will essentially be strangers in our own land.’ This is how I feel driving into Perris, California! The new foreigners won’t even look me in the eye. They are probably all illegally here!”

Make no bones about it; America continues changing itself right before our eyes as we add another 125,000 third world immigrants every 30 days. One to two million annually! Our culture changes from its intelligent, rich and vibrant former self into a polyglot culture of illiteracy, violence to women and other aspects of “multiculturalism.”

A reader Helen related, “I live in Bridgeport, Connecticut and I feel I am in a foreign country. I have lived here since I was 11 years old and am now 82 years old. We have been invaded by the enemy. This is not America anymore. Every time I go to the market or to Burger King all the food is foreign. Clothes here are sexy looking and deep, stark colors for Hispanic women not tailored or feminine anymore for American women. There are many changes here. I notice that we also have a lot of Asian people here. Naturally they are drawn to America because they can have more children here than the one allowed in China. It is madness here. White people are moving out of Bridgeport and the government that demanded that we integrate with the blacks cannot force whites to live with them because of all their violence and black culture. Our taxes are building them new homes. They are born here yet many cannot be understood when they speak. Multiculturalism is a sham.”

In Detroit, Michigan, immigrant women suffer mistreatment from their husbands. Arranged marriages grow while this new American tribe covers up honor killings as “domestic abuse” incidents.

In the latest edition of Newsweek’s My Turn (March 12, 2012), Pakistani immigrant Sabatina James said, “When I was 18, my parents threatened to kill me. And they meant it. If they had their way, I would probably be dead today. My parents shipped me off to Islamic school to “get educated” as my mother said. I lived in a room with 30 other girls, no chairs, not beds and no ventilation. In that room, we did nothing all day but study the Koran, pray and listen to lectures on the prophet from a mullah, who stood behind a curtain. If a girl spoke out of turn, she would be publically caned in the courtyard. Flies and vermin swarmed the washrooms. There were no sanitary napkins, just blood stained towels. The toilet was a hole in the ground.


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