Cernovich: Pelosi Disavows Antifa In Major Win For New Media (Video)

According to Mike Cernovich, CEO of Cernovich Media, Nancy Pelosi’s disavowal of Antifa’s violence is a major victory for new media because it shows new media’s ability to force even the unlikeliest of elected officials into submission.

“It’s interesting that I did a Periscope a couple hours ago where I said there are two issues that can sink the Democrats,” Cernovich stated in a Periscope following Pelosi’s disavowal of Antifa.

“Tearing down the statues and Antifa.”

“The issue was that until us,” he continued, “nobody was ever able to make Pelosi and the Democrats own Antifa. That’s why this is such a big victory for new media – because we made Pelosi own Antifa.”


Complete text linked here.

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