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February 16, 2015

Another American sniper fallen in his prime by Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris pays tribute to Marine who suffered after serving his country.

Stars and Stripes reported in 2014 that roughly 22 veterans take their own life every day. That is a catastrophic tragedy by anyone’s estimation, especially considering that these precious souls once put their lives on the line for all of us. But alas, Washington is finally doing something to prevent America’s best from taking such acts of desperation.

The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act, or SAV Act, was unanimously passed in the House of Representatives at the turn of the year. It was also unanimously passed in the Senate by a vote of 99-0 at the beginning of this month. It was then signed by President Obama last week.

According to the Washington Post, Marine Cpl. Clay Hunt survived a wrist wound from an enemy sniper in Iraq in 2007. After recovering, Hunt went to sniper school and then deployed with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, to Afghanistan in 2008. He fought during the Afghanistan surge and saw many of his fellow marines and other Navy corpsman pay the ultimate price.

After leaving the Marine Corps, he battled deep post-traumatic stress and panic attacks. Nevertheless, he continued to serve as an advocate for other veteran and humanitarian causes in such places as Haiti in 2009 after the devastating earthquake.


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November 19, 2014

Supermodel ‘kills self after joining cult’

‘Blame modeling, maybe drugs, not us.’

On a scorching-hot day in the summer of 2008, just three days before her 21st birthday, supermodel Ruslana Korshunova took a running leap from a Manhattan, New York, building and landed with a thud, bringing her life to an end.

While the New York Police department believes she committed suicide, family and friends of the woman simply could not believe she killed herself.

Now six years later, a new book claims the 20-year-old Russian beauty with sparkling blue eyes and hair down to her waist had joined a “dehumanizing” cult before she died.

In “Nothing Is True And Everything Is Possible,” journalist Peter Pomerantsev says the woman took up with the Moscow-based Rose of the World group shortly before her death.

The New York Daily News reports, “Pomerantsev himself joined the Rose and endured a series of dehumanizing training sessions in which life coaches harangued and humiliated the trainees while excoriating each for their life’s woes. For instance, the blame for a rape was placed on a victim who was stridently accused of self-pity.”


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August 21, 2014

What Caused Robin Williams’ Suicide?

Few have mentioned the possible role of prescription drug side effects in Robin Williams’ suicide, until friend Rob Schneider sent a tweet over the weekend blaming the Parkinson’s meds he was taking.

The tragic suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams (shown) has sparked rampant speculation about what made him end his life. His history of substance abuse and addiction is making headlines. Most fingers of blame point to his struggles with depression and bipolar disorder, though Williams never confirmed he was diagnosed with any mental condition. In fact, he denied a diagnosis of clinical depression during an NPR interview in 2006.

Few have mentioned the possible role of prescription drug side effects, until Williams’ friend and former colleague Rob Schneider sent a tweet over the weekend blaming the Parkinson’s meds he was taking. The Daily Mail reports that a spokesman for Williams’ family offered no response to Schneider’s conjecture, but then quoted a “source” as saying:

Robin had recently left rehab. He was on medication for anxiety and depression and had also started taking drugs to combat the early onset of Parkinson’s…. A lot of Robin’s friends are convinced that the cocktail of prescription pills he was on somehow contributed to his mental state deteriorating as quickly as it did. Robin had always suffered from depression and addiction but the diagnosis and treatment of his Parkinson’s was new, as was the combination of drugs he was on.


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April 26, 2014

PBS Documentary: Jonestown (Video)

In 1978 over 900 people led by Rev. Jim Jones died in the largest mass murder-suicide in history, at Jonestown, Guyana. The story is told by survivors, Temple defectors, relatives, and journalists.

April 18, 2014

U.S. special forces struggle with record suicides: admiral

“My soldiers have been fighting now for 12, 13 years in hard combat. Hard combat. And anybody that has spent any time in this war has been changed by it. It’s that simple.”

Suicides among U.S. special operations forces, including elite Navy SEALs and Army Rangers, are at record levels, a U.S. military official said on Thursday, citing the effects of more than a decade of “hard combat.”

The number of special operations forces committing suicide has held at record highs for the past two years, said Admiral William McRaven, who leads the Special Operations Command.

“And this year, I am afraid, we are on path to break that,” he told a conference in Tampa. “My soldiers have been fighting now for 12, 13 years in hard combat. Hard combat. And anybody that has spent any time in this war has been changed by it. It’s that simple.”

It may take a year or more, he said, to assess the effects of sustained combat on special operations units, whose missions range from strikes on militants such as the 2011 SEAL raid that killed al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden to assisting in humanitarian disasters.


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November 12, 2013

22 veterans commit suicide each day: VA report

Also Friday, the U.S. Army released its monthly suicide report, offering a preliminary tally for 2012 in that branch: 325 “potential” suicides among active and reserve troops — the highest number in history.

An estimated 22 veterans committed suicide in America each day in 2010, according to a report released Friday by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs.

That rate has edged higher from 1999 when an estimated 20 veterans took their lives every day, the report noted. In 2007, the veteran suicide pace temporarily dipped to 18 per day.

Nearly 70 percent of all veteran suicides were among men and women aged 50 or older, the VA said.

“The mental health and well-being of our courageous men and women who have served the nation is the highest priority for VA, and even one suicide is one too many,” VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki said in a news release. “We have more work to do and we will use this data to continue to strengthen our suicide prevention efforts and ensure all Veterans receive the care they have earned and deserve.”


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