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October 13, 2017

My Chat with Harvard Evolutionist Joe Henrich – The Saad Truth (Video)

Must watch video.

October 6, 2017

My Chat with Politically Incorrect Swedish Sociologist Göran Adamson – The Saad Truth (Video)

Must watch video.

October 4, 2017

Dr. Gad Saad: “The Consuming Instinct” | Talks at Google (Video)

In this highly informative and entertaining book “The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature”, the founder of the vibrant new field of evolutionary consumption illuminates the relevance of our biological heritage to our daily lives as consumers. While culture is important, the author shows that innate evolutionary forces deeply influence the foods we eat, the gifts we offer, the cosmetics and clothing styles we choose to make ourselves more attractive to potential mates, and even the cultural products that stimulate our imaginations (such as art, music, and religion).

September 26, 2017

Death of the West by a Thousand Cuts – The Saad Truth (Video)

My lecture and Q&A session at the University of Regina, part of The President’s Deliberation and Debate Series (delivered on September 18, 2017).

September 16, 2017

Gad Saad believes in free speech at (almost) all costs (Video)

“Really we’re pretty much like North Korea at this point,” said Saad.

Gad Saad is Jewish and emigrated from Lebanon due to religious persecution, yet he supports the freedom of speech of Holocaust deniers.

That’s how committed he is to an open dialogue, something he says is being lost in the western world.

Saad is scheduled to speak Monday evening at the University of Regina on “forces that impede the free and rational exchange of ideas.”

“I support the right of grotesque, diabolical people saying that the Holocaust and anything that I might have experienced is a hoax. Why? Because that’s what freedom of speech is. It’s the right for people to be idiots, to be wrong,” said Saad, a marketing professor at Montreal’s Concordia University and the Canada Research Chair in evolutionary behavioural sciences and Darwinian consumption.

There are only two exceptions to “absolute” freedom of speech, said Saad.

The first is using words to directly incite violence against other people.

The second is defaming or libelling someone.


Complete text linked here.

September 11, 2017

The Slow Eradication of Freedom of Speech in Canada – The Saad Truth (Video)

This was the taped lecture that I delivered remotely (i.e., it was played for the audience) in Toronto on September 10, 2017.

August 14, 2017

More Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome on Display – The Saad Truth (Video)

Why have you not weighed in on the Chinese occupation of Tibet? Hypocrite! Ah yes, the ostriches are out in full swing.

August 10, 2017

Gad Saad: Psychology of Trump and the Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome (Videos)

Gad Saad (Evolutionary Behavioural Scientist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss Bill C-16 and the complexities of discussing the politics of transgender issues, the psychological reasons someone might support Donald Trump, and Gad’s new book on the “Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome.

July 27, 2017

Death of the West by a Thousand Cuts – The Saad Truth (Video)

Learn about OPS.

July 13, 2017

Joe Rogan Experience #985 – Gad Saad (Video)

Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing & Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption and author of “The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption” and “The Consuming Instinct”