Can The U.S. Military Still Protect Americans?

U.S. leaders have enabled China to fund the rise of its military while presiding over the decline of ours.

Can the U.S. military actually protect our country? We should all have serious doubts.

A few years ago there were troubling signs when the Iranian navy captured two U.S. Navy command boats and ten sailors; a U.S. Army tank crew finished in fourth place, behind Germany, Denmark, and Poland, in a North Atlantic Treaty Organization tank “rodeo;” and when “whistleblowers” admitted that an unacceptable number of U.S. aircraft were not airworthy and lacked capable mechanics, spare parts, and even the pilots necessary to fly them.

More disconcerting and recent are the U.S. Navy’s extraordinary construction woes in what has become the most expensive aircraft carrier in the world, the U.S.S. Gerald Ford. The designers abandoned the time-proven cable system for the carrier’s elevators, the steam-driven aircraft catapult, and the hydraulic-engine arresting system in favor of electromagnetic systems.


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