Britain is massively in debt with major youth unemployment. What do we do? Throw open our borders

It astonishes me that many of the well-to-do luvvies who want to save the world have not seen the misery in our own backyard. Birmingham was recently branded as one of the worst places in the western world to grow up by the Chief Ofsted Inspector, comparing unfavourably to communist Cuba and Eastern Europe.

Vast swathes of the British political establishment now seem to have their heads buried so deep in the sand I’m surprised they know whether it’s day or night. We stand as a country buried in hundreds of billions of pounds of debt, with a government still spending vast amounts more than it raises, and yet the inevitable pressures are set to continue. Pressures which will be of our own government’s making.

alking about mass migration is a silly game of scaremongering, say many of those in Westminster. Yet today we find out that once again, they are wrong. No fewer than 200,000 Roma are already in Britain and that’s before the doors open to Romania and Bulgaria next year. As the Telegraph reports:

Britain has one of the largest Roma populations in western Europe as around 200,000 migrants have set up home in the country, a new study has found.

The figures contradict government claims made in 2011 that “relatively few Roma citizens” were living in the UK. A report prepared for the Department of Children School and Families in 2009 estimated that there were around 49,204 Roma living in England.


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