Breitbart News #45 Most Trafficked U.S. Website, Beats HuffPo, WaPo, FoxNews; 2 Billion Pageviews in 2016

Breitbart News is the #45th most trafficked website in the United Sates, according to rankings from Amazon’s analytics company,

With over two billion pageviews generated in 2016 and 45 million unique monthly visitors, Breitbart News has now surpassed Fox News (#47), Huffington Post (#50), Washington Post (#53), and Buzzfeed (#64) in traffic.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” said Breitbart News President and CEO Larry Solov. “Our 2017 global expansion strategy is hands down the most aggressive growth initiative in the history of the company. We’re making major capital investments to execute a series of new offerings—one of which Breitbart will announce this week.”

One driver of the company’s explosive traffic trajectory has been its dominance across social media. Breitbart has the number one political Facebook and Twitter pages in the world, according to analytics giant NewsWhip. Yet unlike many competitors, says Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, the company’s primary traffic is not disproportionately beholden to social media; it comes from destination traffic.

“Establishment media—the same folks who laughed off Donald Trump—are mystified by what makes Breitbart the powerhouse we’ve become,” said Marlow. “We’ve built an authentic, deeply-rooted community where people come to hang out to join in the conversation that’s taking place 24 hours a day.”


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