April 29, 2017

“I’ll Call a Civics Strike!” Tucker and Actor Richard Dreyfuss Discuss Civics Education (Video)

Tucker Carlson interviews Richard Dreyfuss about the importance of Civics education in America.

Rustled for Hollywood

The never-before-published truth behind Francis the Talking Mule.

In the 1950s, Universal Pictures hit on an absurd premise that would delight millions and make millions: the Francis the Talking Mule military comedies. Audiences never guessed that Francis’s true identity was a more guarded secret than the technique that made him appear to talk.

The inspiration for Francis came during WWII, in 1943, when David Stern III was stationed in Hawaii, co-editing a U.S. Army paper, Midpacifican. “To pass the time,

I wrote four pages of dialogue between a second lieutenant and an Army mule,”
he says. “I had no intention of writing
more. But that little runt of a mule kept bothering me.”

Those pages became a short story, then a string of them for Esquire Magazine. The basic premise was that, while at war, an inexperienced soldier is aided by an experienced Army mule.

After Stern combined three of the stories into the book Francis in 1946, Universal snapped up the film rights. Director Arthur Lubin, whose Abbott and Costello comedies had made Universal a fortune, was an ideal talent to direct the series. The studio chose acrobatic star comedian Donald O’Connor to play the soldier. As the gruff, but lovable voice of Francis, former Minsky’s Burlesque comic and George O’Brien sidekick Chill Wills perfectly filled the bill, although without billing, to maintain the illusion.


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“Orthodox Greece is dying. We have been occupied without a war”—Met. Ambrose of Kalavyrta

Recalling how Orthodox values were once inculcated in Greek schools, Met. Ambrose fervently implores: “Beloved brethren, again and again I repeat: Wake up! Come to your senses! Think! Get up off your couches, take responsibility. In a few years we will be foreigners in our own country. Greek Orthodox civilization will merely be studied by historians. Greece will cease to exist!”

In a new statement, Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavyrta of the Church in Greece fervently implores his fellow countrymen and Churchmen to return to their Orthodox faith, the glory of the Greek culture.

The hierarch cites several problematic issues in Greece today, including the influx of refugee-invaders, and the government’s abandonment of Orthodoxy and warm overtures towards Islam.

“Greece finds itself in a tragic situation,” he writes. “A great many ‘refugees’ and ‘immigrants’ are arriving daily to our country… In fact, the so-called refugees (in reality they are occupants sent to our country) have begun criminal activities. They attack, rob, hurt, and kill innocent Greek citizens.”

Tragically, the state also openly enforces atheism, while using taxpayer money to pay for a mosque in the capital: “Despite citizens’ protests, Christianity is persecuted, and Islam is propagated at the state level.”

“The situation is tragic! Greece is de-Christianizing! Christ is persecuted! The Greek-Christian culture is being destroyed. Islamist fanatics desecrate, plunder, and set fire to Orthodox churches. The Greek government watches indifferently, and in the meantime Greece is dying!”


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Video: Students despise Obama policies…when credited to Trump

In anticipation of the 100-day mark of Donald Trump’s presidency, Campus Reform asked students at George Mason University to evaluate some of the president’s accomplishments. The students predictably blasted things like the “Apology Tour” and stimulus package, even comparing them to Nazi policies, at least until learning that they were actually accomplished during President Obama’s first 100 days.

Saturday will mark Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, an important milestone for U.S. presidents ever since the flurry of panicked flailings with which Franklin Roosevelt began his administration.

While supporters of President Trump point to his slew of executive orders and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch as markers of his success, detractors claim Mr. Trump has accomplished very little since taking office.

Throughout the year, Campus Reform has shown how liberal professors and students across America have been quick to oppose the President’s actions—often without understanding important details about them.

Hoping to tease out whether such reflexive opposition to Trump is based on policy disagreements or simply distaste for Trump himself, Campus Reform headed to George Mason University to ask students their opinions about the first 100 days.

Except, the “Trump accomplishments” we referenced were actually all things President Obama had done during his first 100 days in office.

Would they agree with the actions because they were actually liberal policies enacted by President Obama, or would they shoot them down because of their perceived association with Donald Trump?.

We quickly discovered that the students we spoke with were quick to voice their displeasure with the “accomplishments” we told them about, no matter how liberal they really were.


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The Truth About Emmanuel Macron | French Presidential Election 2017 – Stefan Molyneux (Video)

On May 7th, 2017, the French population will decide the long-term future of their country as they decide between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in their Presidential election. What is the truth about Emmanuel Macron?

The Size of Church Bells – Intellectual Froglegs

We can dicker over ideological details later—our first order of business should be to help Trump put this train back on the track.

Most everything I know about Trump, I learned since he entered the election— and I quickly learned you never try to predict the man’s actions.

But I also learned another thing—never bet against him —- Trump will win. And in this case… it means America wins.

And while our apolitical president can hardly be considered ‘conservative’—the core of what he’s doing absolutely is. In fact, Trump’s is the most conservative agenda since Reagan.

April 28, 2017

Hungarian Prime Minister Challenges European Union in Fiery Address

In a powerful speech before the European Parliament Wednesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urged leaders of the EU to respect Hungary’s sovereignty and to examine its need for serious structural reform.

“You may know that we Hungarians never give up the fight,” Orbán said defiantly, “and I will today once again try to apply the power of common sense in this debate.”

Orbán was referring to specific EU complaints about Hungary’s unilateral opposition to the heavy-handed pressures of American financial speculator George Soros, a major financer of abortion and open immigration throughout the world. Yet in his address, the Prime Minister went further, asserting Hungary’s right to self-governance and challenging the EU to acknowledge the state of crisis into which it has fallen.

He also came to the meeting to showcase the substantial economic progress made by Hungary in recent years, thanks to free market policies of fiscal restraint and pro-business legislation that fly in the face of European bureaucracy, social assistance and hyper-regulation.

“In 2008 we started from a point where Greece was,” Orbán recalled. “The government of Hungary at the time was the first to turn to the Monetary Fund and the EU for a loan. Since then, we have fully repaid this money, ahead of maturity.”


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Marine Le Pen SURGES in latest poll as Macron is blasted for first round celebrations (Video)

The French electorate are abandoning Emmanuel Macron after a series of gaffes have helped Marine Le Pen back in contention ahead of the presidency campaign, latest polls show.

Europhile Macron, who has previously vowed to go “tough” on the UK’s historic Brexit vote, has been roasted for seemingly swanning around Paris like he has already won the presidency.

An Elabe poll for BFM TV found that half of people surveyed considered that Ms Le Pen’s campaign had started well, compared with just 43 per cent for Macron.

Another found some 61 per cent of French voters think that Ms Le Pen is leading a successful second-round campaign, compared to 48 per cent for Mr Macron, according to a Harris Interactive poll for RMC and Atlantico published on Wednesday.

Mr Macron is the current frontrunner ahead of the second round of the French election but has been accused of complacency by both rivals and allies.

He was booed and jeered by striking factory workers during a chaotic campaign visit in northern France, marking a stark contrast with Ms Le Pen taking photographs with workers.


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California Republicans push plans to punish Sanctuary Cities (Video)

Allen said he introduced the bill to influence public opinion and urge the Trump Administration to clarify who among the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants should be deported.

Democratic lawmakers in Sacramento want California to become the nation’s first sanctuary state. Republicans tried to stop it Tuesday with legislation of their own.

“California’s Democrat politicians have been promoting a policy of sheltering criminals in our state who are in here illegally,” said California Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach. “Californians don’t want criminals who are here illegally to be sheltered in their communities.”

Allen’s bill did three things. First, it stopped state funds from going to any jurisdiction that claims to be a sanctuary or has sanctuary policies in place. Secondly, it mandated state law enforcement to cooperate directly with federal immigration officials. Third, it prohibited the use of tax money to defend criminal aliens.

Allen unveiled the bill alongside Agnes Gibboney, whose son Ronald da Silva was fatally shot by a previously deported illegal immigrant in 2002.


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Far-Left Austrian President: All Women Must Wear Headscarves to Fight Islamophobia (Video)

Austria’s far-left president, Alexander Van der Bellen, has suggested that one day all women must wear headscarves to fight Islamophobia.

During a talk to students, Van der Bellen said that whilst be believes a woman should wear “whatever she wants”, should Austria’s “rampant Islamophobia continue, there will come a day when we must ask all women to wear a headscarf – all of them! – out of solidarity towards those who do it for religious reasons”.

Van der Bellen, who was sworn in as president in January after defeating anti-mass migration Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer in last December’s presidential re-run, has spoken of his support for abolishing national borders and creating a federal Europe, describing it as a “project of peace”.

Whilst running on an election platform in 2007 for the Austrian Greens, Van der Bellen presided over a poster that declared: “Anyone who loves Austria must be shit.”

However, the Austrian president has little influence over Austrian policy, with his role as president mainly symbolic and ceremonial.


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