Black Duke Students Lash Out At University Over Race GPA Study

The most immediate cause for students’ anger is an as-yet unpublished study by Duke researchers saying black students match the GPA of whites over time in part because they switch to majors that require less study time and have less stringent grading standards. Opponents of affirmative action are citing the study in a case they want the U.S. Supreme Court to consider.

The statue of Washington Duke on Duke University’s East Campus

A group of about two dozen Duke University students urged administrators Tuesday to create a better climate and provide more financial support for black students, saying they’ve been disappointed so far in how top officials have reacted to their viewpoints.

The students, almost all of whom were black, unsuccessfully sought a meeting with university President Richard Brodhead at his campus office in hopes of explaining a document they describe as a call to action for the prestigious school.

Concerns range from the future location of a black culture center to the lack of support for a black student group’s annual event and a recent study that suggested African-American students switched to less-difficult majors.

“The university has affirmed through media outlets that it has a commitment to meeting the needs of all its students, including black students,” said Nana Asante, a senior psychology major and president of the Black Student Alliance, who led the procession Tuesday. “We have yet to witness any action that reflects this supposed truth.”


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2 Responses to Black Duke Students Lash Out At University Over Race GPA Study

  1. Well, if the blacks DO switch to easier classes, and that’s why they are matching the GPA of whites, then don’t get angry, just stay in the more difficult classes and get to STUDYING!

  2. The title almost says it all. Black students are “lashing out” because the truth isn’t to their liking, or because it does not suit them to have the truth publicized. We already knew, of course, from almost a hundred years of intelligence testing, and about fifty years of statistics on grades from racially integrated schools, that there is a white-black gap in general intelligence and that genetic causes are responsible for most of that gap.

    Whenever it seems as if black students are closing the gap with white students, you can bet that some key information is being sequestered. When the Atlanta Public Schools seemed to be home to thousands of blacks who were achieving academically on a par with whites, the unknown fact turned out to be a conspiracy among (black) teachers and principals, with the purpose of upwardly falsifying the test scores of black students.

    Similar things were going on in Philadelphia, in New York City, and in Washington DC. Once the Atlanta CRCT fraud scandal broke, several other major school systems in the United States discovered test score fraud in their schools too, with most of the culprits being blacks in each case.

    So it is not a surprise that a study into the closure of the white-black GPA gap at Duke University has revealed that the closure does not really mean as much as the racial egalitarians would like to make it seem to mean. So, the white students major more commonly in physics; the black students major more commonly in finger-painting. I thought that it would turn out to be something like that.

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