Berkeley Police Chief Brags: I Intentionally Allowed Antifa To Attack Peaceful Protesters Yesterday

Police in Berkeley, California deliberately allowed Antifa alt-leftists to jump barricades and attack peaceful right-wing protesters gathered in Civic Center Park on Sunday, according to numerous reports.

The Fresno Bee reports that the majority of individuals that showed up to protest the informal “No To Marxism” rally being held in the park were peaceful.

However, according to the outlet, there were more than 100 Antifa alt-leftists who also showed up to the event intent on stirring up violence and attacking the right-wing demonstrators.

Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood is quoted by The Fresno Bee as stating that he and his force made an intentional decision to allow these violent protesters to breach barriers and confront the demonstrators with no intervention.

“The potential use of force became very problematic,” Greenwood reportedly said, adding that his officers left the park entirely once the alt-leftists entered it.

The Associated Press confirms this, quoting Greenwood as stating he specifically told his officers not to actively intervene in the violence.


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