Ben Stein: Confederate Flag Sales Ban First Step to Tyranny (Video)

“It’s scary. Where is the end of it? George Washington owned slaves—are they going to knock down the George Washington monument? Thomas Jefferson owned salves.”

Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show” author and former speechwriter for Presidents Nixon and Ford, Ben Stein, said “political correctness,” causing the banning of the Confederate flag from even being sold is how totalitarian societies begin.

While he agreed with removing the flag from public buildings, Stein said “I don’t understand why private people shouldn’t be allowed to buy it.”

“Amazon no longer sells anything with a Confederate flag—up until just a couple days or hours ago, they did. In a kind of Orwellian twist, overnight they disappeared. They are just not there anymore. What harm is it to anyone for one individual person to have a flag as his blanket or his quilt or a throw pillow? What harm does that do?” he said. “That’s just plain crazy. This is how totalitarian dictatorships start is with tormenting people about supposedly righteous causes and the turning into, as I say, totalitarian dictatorships.”


Complete text linked here.

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