Banksy’s ironic ‘protesting birds’ art piece erased as ‘offensive and racist’

On October 9, a by-election will be held Clacton-on-Sea, following the local Conservative MP Douglas Carswell’s defection to UKIP. Banksy likely targeted the seaside town in advance of the vote in order to ridicule UKIP’s anti-immigration stance.

A Banksy mural addressing the issue of immigration has been removed from a wall in Essex. The local council, unaware it was a priceless work by the renowned British graffiti artist, responded to a complaint that deemed it “offensive.”

The mural in Clacton-on-Sea, likely to be worth tens of thousands of pounds, depicted five pigeons holding banners, reading ‘Go Back to Africa’, ‘Migrants Not Welcome’ and ‘Keep Off Our Worms’, while a lone, exotic bird perches nearby.

Responding to a complaint made by a member of public, who claimed the work was “racist” and “offensive,” the council admitted it was unaware it was a Banksy piece.


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